Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday Season

It's that time of year when the stores are buzzing and everyone is out to find a good deal. It's also a time for family, old and new. I've always loved the holidays, but now with the Frog in my life I'm even more excited. This is my chance to pass along and create new traditions for my new little family. I was thinking the other day how sentimental and attached I am to my Christmas stocking, which was knit for me by my Nana and I've had it for as long as I can remember. I wanted the Frog to have something nice like that too that he could have over the years and not just something cheap. I'm no knitter so I was looking around into ordering one when I stopped for a moment and thought. Then I whipped out my phone and shot a text off to my mum. She had been talking about wanting to get the Frog something for Christmas and this was perfect. It might not be practical like a jumperoo or bumbo or something, but maybe one day he would cherish a nice stocking with his name given to him for his first Christmas from HIS Nana. The thought alone makes me teary.

Coming up on Thanksgiving, Black Friday is the buzz word right now. I work in a jewelry kiosk in the mall and I am HYPED. I love Black Friday. It's not often I have a lot of money to power shop so I usually just bounce around and people watch and pick up some little things for Christmas. Since I won't be able to powershop this year, I requested to be able to be one of the ones to open at work and I'm so excited. It's going to be insane! Once I'm out of work I plan to do a little shopping. What makes this year fun is now I can plan a Christmas for my own son ((and spend some of DBF's paycheck, heehee!)). I don't have a lot on my list just yet, but I do know before I run off to work at 4 am, I'm taking advantage of Rockin Green's sale and ordering some diaper detergent!

Anyone else love Black Friday? Care to share some great deals you've heard about? Leave a shout and Thursday afternoon while I'm digesting I will compile a blog post with all kinds of great Black Friday deals for diapers, carriers, or anything just plain awesome to help some people out. :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Not going down without a fight...

Once again I find myself brooding over the topic of breastfeeding. It's looking like I will be having to throw in the towel sooner than I would like.

Breastfeeding has been an uphill battle for me from day one. I've been so envious of those mamas who have more milk than they know what to do with. I'd even be happy being one of those who just makes enough to feed her child on breastmilk alone. I've tried everything I could think of. I've spoken with lactation consultants, sought advice from local LLL meetings, breast compression/manual expression, using a hand pump, using a hospital grade double electric pump, nursing on demand, blessed thistle, fenugreek ((oh boy was it interesting smelling like maple syrup!)) and I was even taking domperidone. Nothing worked. I did see an improvement in my output on the domperidone, but I really can't afford to keep buying it. I've at least gotten over the feeling like a bad mom for formula feeding, but I'm not happy knowing my nursing days are numbered. Let me take a moment to add that I don't necessarily believe that formula-feeding moms are bad moms in general. It's more of a personal thing. I wanted so badly to EBF that the formula feels like a failure to me personally.

I'm still producing milk, but gone are the mornings of waking up with big wet spots and I don't remember the last time I felt full. Honestly it makes me said. It doesn't help when I come home from work some nights and find the Frog down for the night. I can't pump it off because pumping has just never worked for me. It seems like every day is a little less. It's even gotten to where when the Frog fusses for something to eat, he refuses the breast altogether until he has a bottle to fill up his tummy and then he might nurse himself into a nap. I know at this rate I will dry up soon, but I'm going to milk it for all it's worth, no pun intended.

When I have my moments of being depressed about being in the twilight of my nursing period, I have recently been trying to divert my attention to looking forward to making my own organic baby foods. In fact, just tonight I told DBF that for Christmas I would like a food processor or something so that I can make baby food. I'm in no rush to get him on solids, but I think he might be ready before I am! So that'll be my new project to add in with my babywearing and cloth diapering endeavors... making my own babyfood. In the meantime I'm going to enjoy every single time I get to sit down with the Frog and nurse as I finally accept that it's nearly time to bid a fond farewell.