Monday, December 20, 2010

New Directions

So it's been a while since my last blog post and for good reason. I've taken an interesting path in the way of things and will give a brief recap. Things were up and down at home, I left and spent a week in a homeless shelter and now for the past week have been staying with my mum. At this very moment I am eagerly awaiting a phone call regarding the apartment DBF and I are finally getting together. Since I'm at my mum's for the moment, I have a chance to finally sit down and catch up a bit on my blog. Things will be busy for the next week or two but I promise I will be back to normal soon!

So last week was the Frog's four month appointment. He's a whopping 16lbs and 26.75 inches. Poor guy got his shots and was not a happy camper the next day. At the appointment though the doc heard Froggie's hips crackling so tomorrow he has an ultrasound to give us more info. I'm hoping there's nothing going on and that we avoid having him in a brace.

The highlight of the week is that we went ahead and started some solids. Squash, aka squish, was a big hit. The Frog thought this was a great improvement over his milkies. After squash came smash, aka bananas. We're still deciding whether we like bananas or not. I'm having fun with this solids thing. I honestly didn't plan on starting solids until the new year but with my mood being much better and lighter since moving out of the house I was in, I was quite open to trying something new and deviating from my plans.

I'm looking forward to the directions things are going in. Very soon DBF and I will be in our own apartment with the Frog. Our own family. I'm so excited. And I'll have my cat back! In all this mess, I've missed him terribly. I'll leave out all the nitty gritty details since this is a public blog and instead leave it as this vague recap explaining why I've been gone. Stay tuned for your regularly scheduled humor. ;)


Rachel Elizabeth said...

Sounds like everything is on the up and up.

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