Wednesday, October 20, 2010


They say the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem. Well I have a-- wait! No I don't. These are essentials... right? Right??? Cloth diapers, baby carriers, pringles.. once you have one, you ave to have more. Now this may or may not be an issue with your pocket book. I can try to justify my habit by convincing myself that the Frog needs diapers. Though DBF will just come right back and say that our prefolds and covers are working just fine and pockets or other "fancy" diapers aren't really a necessity. Well poo on him. I try to ignore him sometimes because his answers just aren't fun. He is right... to an extent. Our prefolds do do just fine for us. However I am preferring to put the Frog in a pocket overnight because he's sleeping longer periods and he feels much dryer in a pocket diaper than prefolds. On this measure, I am very excited to be picking up two Kawaiis from a friend and eagerly awaiting my first ever fluffy mail which is three Happy Heinys from Cloth Diaper Outlet's 5th anniversary giveaway!

While you can go back and forth on the necessity of diapers, I think it's a lot harder to justify new carriers to a spouse who doesn't quite understand how wonderful baby wearing truly is. Plus we are on a tight budget. This carrier additction started with my Sleepy Wrap. I hated it for about the first 20 minutes. And then I fell in love. And loved it even more every single time I wore it. And then the idea of a ring sling seeded itself in my head. They were so pretty and the mamas who had them seemed to love them. I wanted to be one of those RS loving mamas too! And then I managed to get a great deal on one on Craigslist. And almost as soon as I had my paws on the RS to start trying, I found myself wanting a mei tai when I had never really considered one before. But this idea grew like a weed into an obsession. Fortunately I was allotted a small amount of money to spend on the Frog which I intended to use at our local consignment sale. I did happen to get the play gym I set out to find... but what else did I find?! Actually, the very first thing I found was a mei tai! $10 and it was ours! And quite honestly, I love this thing. But what am I facing now? The grueling decision to be made between acquiring a Boba 2G or a Beco Butterfly II! Ok, ok... I think I do have a problem.

I look back at where this whole addiction started and I totally blame cute pictures. I saw pictures of adorable smiling babies in gorgeous fluff and it seemed like the "cool" thing to do and hey! I wanted to be cool too! And a lot of these fluff-obsessed mamas seemed to wear their babies too! Well I would have to do that too then! I obsessed over these ideas for my whole pregnancy. And then the Frog arrived and I was so far gone... What started out as a silly notion to copy "the cool kids" grew into hours of research and self-educating and I was hooked. I absolutely love cloth diapering. Even the laundry part. And my favourite thing in the world right now is going out and enjoying the beginnings of a Florida autumn with my sweet little Frog snuggled into one of our carriers. I never thought I would cloth diaper a child. I thought that was what Nana did for her kids but nowadays kids wore Huggies. Psh. DBF doesn't know it yet, but the stash of sposies that seems to keep replenishing itself ((stop buying sposies MIL! I don't want them!)) is about to be HIDDEN. Not joking. I hate the smell and the chemicals and... ugh. I am childishly refusing to remove the pile of used, rolled up sposies from the room because I didn't want them on the child in the first place and he can let it stink up the room til he cant stand it anymore. I wash my diapers and the fluff don't stank! But I'm so tired of coming home from work and finding the Frog in horrid smelling sposies that I'm about to get every last disposable and hide them in my van. And every time more show up, I will hide them too. I am more than happy to provide pre-stuffed pockets while I'm away and DBF is more than capable of using a prefold and snappi with a cover. Let them laugh at me trooping around with my child snuggled close in a carrier. At least we're a couple of happy campers!

So who is with me in the throes of addiction? Who can't stop collecting pretty fluff or is obsessed with the idea of trying one of practically every carrier out there? I know I'm not alone!


Rachel Elizabeth said...

I love Kawaii diapers. They work great and are really really cute. I don't like the way the disposables smell either and Harper loves her being a fluffy butt baby.

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Also, If you get the Boba let me know how you like it. I have a Beco Gemini and love it but want another carrier and have been looking at the Boba carriers.

Kris and the Frog said...

I am liking our Kawaiis. I don't love them more than our Happy Heinys, but I don't dislike them either. They're an excellent diaper for the price. I actually have three. As far as carriers, I'm expecting a slingified BBslen tomorrow and leaning toward a Beco as the Boba seems to be better uited for older babies.

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